Visual World Geography: Africa

by Theresa A. Blain Author

Shaping the World For You When given a country's name, so often we draw a complete blank regarding its location, size and shape. Now imagine how nice it would be to hear the name of any country, and automatically picture, in your mind's eye, exactly what it looks like, its neighboring countries, and even be able to draw its outline easily. Well that is exactly what the VWG curriculum equips you to do! Each country's shape has been "pictured" for you, so that you can optimize your brain's natural design--uniquely storing it, along with all its related information, into long-term memory, and thus building the foundation for more in-depth learning. The Visual World DVD Set animates the VWG textbook through a high-energy, visual presentation of each of its unique "pictographies" and mnemonic devices. There are an additional 20 lessons consisting of interesting geographic facts for each country, e.g., capital city, mountains, rivers, lakes etc.. The VWG DVD World Set comes with 7 laminated continent posters (trace and retrace countries) PLUS question and answer workbooks--use as an assessment tool or just to reinforce learning of physical geographic facts covered in the DVD lessons. See Home Page for sample lessons.


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Resource Type
Book, DVD, & Student Book
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In Print
Suggested Grades
1st - 12th
Geographical Setting
Tender Heart Press


  • 1 Madagascar & Mozambique & Zimbabwe
  • 2 South Africa & Swaziland & Lesothe
  • 3 Namibia & Botswana
  • 4 Zambia & Malawi & Angola
  • 5 Egypt & Sudan
  • 6 Ethiopia & Eritrea & Djiboutl
  • 7 Somalia & Kenya
  • 8 Uganda & Rwanda
  • 9 Burundi & Tanzania
  • 10 Democratic Republic of Congo & Congo
  • 11 Cameroon & Equitorial Guinea & Gabon
  • 12 Algeria & Morocco & Tunisia
  • 13 Lybia & Niger
  • 14 Chad & Central African Republic
  • 15 Mali & Burkina Faso
  • 16 Senegal & The Gambia & Mauritania
  • 17 Guinea-Bissau & Guinea & Sierra Leone
  • 18 Liberai & Cote d'lvoire
  • 19 Ghana & Togo
  • 20 Benin & Nigeria

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