Wolf Kahn

1. Select one artist and six or so of his pictures to study. 2. When you begin to study a new artist, Charlotte suggested that you read a short story of that artist’s life. 3. Let the children study one picture, silently taking it all in, noticing every detail until they know it and see it in their mind’s eye. 4. Turn the reproduction over or hide it from sight, and have the children describe it in as much detail as they can remember. 5. When the narrations are complete, invite a short discussion about the picture. Keep in mind that you are not supposed to be the dispenser of all knowledge. Simply tell the name of the piece and ask the children’s response to it. “Did you like this painting?” “What did this picture make you think of?” “Did it remind you of anything you’ve read about?” These simple questions further the children’s interaction with the piece, helping them connect the new painting to their previous knowledge. The next week, select another picture by the same artist and repeat the process. Over several weeks you will have covered all six pictures, one picture every week or two.


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  • 1 Read a short biography
  • 2 Picture #1
  • 3 Picture #2
  • 4 Picture #3
  • 5 Picture #4
  • 6 Picture #5
  • 7 Picture #6

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