Student Writing Intensive - A

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3rd - 5th
Institute of Excellence in Writing


  • 1 Keyword Outlines, which clause, Sea Snakes, Tarantula, and Pillbug
  • Sea Snakes
  • Tarantula - optional
  • Pillbug - optional
  • 2 More with Keyword Outlines, which clause, Starfish, Oysters, and Pearls
  • Starfish - optional
  • Oysters - optional
  • Pearls - optional
  • 3 Review key word outline using the Paragraph, "The Boy and the Nuts."
  • Introduce dress-ups ly adverb, who/which clause
  • The Boy and the Nuts
  • The Cocks and the Eagle
  • 4 New dress-ups: strong verbs, banned words (see/saw, said, go/went), Writing checklist, choosing a title
  • The Donkey and His Driver
  • Peter the Great
  • 5 Outline the "Mongols" paragraph and brainstorm for possible dress-ups: ly, adverb, who/which, strong verbs
  • The Mongols
  • Genghis Kahn - optional
  • Camp Life - optional
  • Family Life - optional
  • 6 New Banned word - thought, dress-up: quality adjective, imposter - ly's, because clause
  • Our First President
  • Andrew Jackson - optional
  • 7 Story Sequence Model (Unit 3), ,Change story details, brainstorm dress-ups
  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  • 8 Review Titles, Read Student Stories
  • Princess and the Pea
  • 9 Reinforcing the Story Sequence Model with The Lion and the Mouse
  • 10 Review dress-ups, ban words eat, and good, changing adverbs to adjectives, introduce adverbial clause, composition checklist
  • 11 Report writing: Topic/Clincher rule
  • Whooping Cranes
  • Captive Whoopers Fail
  • Adoptive Parents
  • 12 Reading Student Samples - reinforce Report Writing
  • The Amazing World of Ants - optional
  • Meadow Ants - optional
  • Leaf Cutting Ants - optional
  • 13 Review style techniques, Ban words like, bad and fun, Introduce Sentence Opener #2 Prepositional
  • Use Library books for reinforcement materials
  • 14 Creative Writing (Unit 7), Complete a brain inventory, Composition Checklist
  • Optional outline and write a total of 3 paragraphs from information in the brain. The checklist has room for three paragraphs.
  • 15 Optional reinforcement ideas: Typical school day is like
  • what you wish a school day were like
  • choose another topic from student brain inventory for writing
  • Write a paragraph using the composition checklist

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