Cursive First

by Elizabeth FitzGerald Author

(From Amazon): A guide to teaching cursive writing. Book comes with reproducible practice sheets and cursive phonogram cards. Works well with the Spell to Write and Read program.


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1/2 page lessons
Suggested Grades
Early Years - 3rd

1/2 page lessons

  • 2A The number 0
  • 2B The number 6
  • 3A The number 8
  • 3B The number 9
  • 4A Review
  • 4B The number 1
  • 5A The number 7
  • 5B The number 4
  • 6A Review numbers 1, 7, and 4
  • 6B The number 5
  • 7A The number 2
  • 7B The number 3
  • 8A Review numbers 5, 2, and 3
  • 8B Review numbers 0, 6, 8, 9, a, 7 and 4
  • 9A Review all numbers
  • 9B Basic strokes - Short Uphill, Clockface, and Connector Strokes
  • 10A Phonogram a
  • 10B Phonogram c
  • 11A Uphill Attic Stroke
  • 11B Phonogram d
  • 12A Phonogram g
  • 12B Phonogram o
  • 13A Forward Basement Loop and phonogram qu
  • 13B Review phonograms a, c, d, g, o and qu
  • 14A Short Loop Stroke and phonograms e and l
  • 14B Phonogram b
  • 15A Phonogram f
  • 15B Hump Stroke
  • 16A Phonogram h
  • 16B Small petal Stroke and phonogram k
  • 17A Review phonograms e, l, b, f, h and k
  • 17B Review phonograms a, c, d, g, o, quo, e, l, b, f, h, and k
  • 18A Phonogram i
  • 18B Phonogram j
  • 19A Large Petal Stroke
  • 19B Phonogram r
  • 20A Phonograms s and p
  • 20B Phonogram t
  • 21A Phonograms u and ww
  • 21B Review uphill letters i, j, p, r, s, t, u, and w
  • 22A Review all phonograms
  • 22B Phonogram n
  • 23A Phonogram m
  • 23B Phonogram v
  • 24A Phonogram x
  • 24B Phonogram y
  • 25A Phonogram z
  • 25B Review Hump phonograms n, m, v, x, y, and z
  • 26A Review all letters
  • 26B Phonograms sh and ee
  • 27A Phonograms th and oo
  • 27B Phonograms er and Review
  • 28A Phonograms oy and oi
  • 28B Phonograms ow and ou
  • 29A Phonograms ch and Review
  • 29B Phonograms ay and ai
  • 30A Phonograms or and ea
  • 30B Phonograms ui and ew
  • 31A Phonograms ng and Review
  • 31B Phonograms ar and wh
  • 32A Phonograms aw and au
  • 32B Review ar, wh, aw, and au
  • 33A Phonograms oe and oa
  • 33B Phonograms ed and ck
  • 34A Phonograms ur and ir
  • 34B Phonograms wor and ear
  • 35A Review oe, oa, ed, ck, ur, ir, wor, and ear
  • 35B Phonograms igh and ie
  • 36A Phonograms dge and wr
  • 36B Phonograms ti and ci
  • 37A Phonograms si and tch
  • 37B Phonograms eigh and ei
  • 38A Phonograms ey and ph
  • 38B Phonograms kn and gn
  • 39A Phonogram ough
  • 39B Capitals A and C
  • 40A Capitals E and L
  • 40B Capitals I and J
  • 41A Capitals H and K
  • 41B Capitals M and N
  • 42A Capitals R and U
  • 42B Capitals X and Y
  • 43A Capitals Q and Z
  • 43B Capitals B and P
  • 44A Capitals V and W
  • 44B Capitals T and F
  • 45A Capitals G and S
  • 45B Capitals D and O
  • 46A Review entire alphabet
  • 46B Practice writing your name and move on to spelling words

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