Boss of the Plains

by Laurie Carlson Author, Holly Meade Illustrator Review Have you ever wondered where the Stetson hat got its name? John Batterson Stetson, a hatmaker from New Jersey, invented the wide-brimmed, tall-crowned, felt hat after moving west to seek his fortune during the gold rush. While he didn't find much actual gold, his invention was a veritable gold mine, as word of the Stetson (originally called the Boss of the Plains) spread like wildfire. It was the perfect hat for a cowpoke, as it shielded eyes from the sun and necks from the rain--and in a pinch could be used to carry water, fan a fire, or "impress a lady at the Saturday night dance." This attractive, Western-styled picture book tells the story of Stetson, from mild-mannered hatmaker to struggling, sunburned gold digger to the leader of a hatmaking dynasty! Author Laurie Carlson (of More than Moccasins) presents biographical and historical details in a jaunty, compelling voice, and reveals the fascinating process of hatmaking (not recommended for emotional rabbit owners!). Illustrator Holly Meade (who won a Caldecott Honor for Hush) blankets the pages with bold cutouts that embody the savory flavor of the wild American West. Cowboys and cowgirls alike will love hearing the story of how the West was won--by a hat. (Ages 4 to 8) --Brangien Davis --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


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