Heaven's Heroes: Real Life Stories from History's Greatest Missionaries

by David Shibley Author

(From Amazon): "God had an only Son and He was a missionary…." With these words, David Livingstone confirmed that he, too, would spend his life telling people in far-off lands about the love of God. This explorer, doctor, author, and missionary longed to see "the smoke of a thousand villages," because huddled around African tribal fires were people who might never hear the story of God's love unless missionaries obeyed God's call to serve Him. David Livingstone is one of 22 men and women whose exciting adventures will be enjoyed by the whole family. As you read each of these wonderful stories aloud during family times or on your own, you will see how you, too, can reach out to your world through deeds and prayer to tell others the good news about Jesus and His love.


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  • 1 Opening Africa to the Gospel: Rowland Bingham
  • 2 The Father of Modern Missions: William Carey
  • 3 No Scar?: Amy Carmichael
  • 4 No Greater Love: Jim Elliot
  • 5 The Father of Modern Evangelism: Charles E. Fuller
  • 6 Before We Kill and Eat You: H.B. Garlock
  • 7 The First American Missionaries: Adoniram Judson
  • 8 The Flying Scot: Eric Liddell
  • 9 The Student's Friend: Paul Little
  • 10 The Smoke of a Thousand Villages: David Livingstone
  • 11 A Christmas Gift for Jesus: Lottie Moon
  • 12 World Missionary Statesman: John R. Mott
  • 13 The Things That Break God's Heart: Bob Pierce
  • 14 The Man with a MIssionary Heart: Warren Shibley
  • 15 Before King's and Children: Mary Slessor
  • 16 The Passion for Souls: Oswald J. Smith
  • 17 From Cricket to Costly Commitment: C.T. Studd
  • 18 The Exchanged Life: Hudson Taylor
  • 19 Does God Speak My Language?: William Cameron Townsend
  • 20 The Navigator: Dawson Trotman
  • 21 To Win for the Lamb: Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf
  • 22 Apostle to Islam: Samuel Zwemer

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