The Dry Divide [SCM]

by Ralph Moody Author

Ralph earns a living working wheat crops. Seventh in the series. Ralph Moody, just turned twenty, had only a dime in his pocket when he was put off a freight in western Nebraska. It was the Fourth of July in 1919. Three months later he owned eight teams of horses and rigs to go with them. Everyone who worked with him shared in the prosperity—the widow whose wheat crop was saved and the group of misfits who formed a first-rate harvesting crew. But sometimes fickle Mother Nature and frail human nature made sure that nothing was easy. The tension between opposing forces never lets up in this book. Without preaching, The Dry Divide warmly illustrates the old-time virtues of hard work ingenuity, and respect for others. The Ralph Moody who was a youngster in Little Britches and who grew up without a father and with early responsibilities in Man of the Family, The Fields of Home, The Home Ranch, Mary Emma & Company, and Shaking the Nickel Bush (all Bison Books) has become a man to reckon with in The Dry Divide.

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In Print
Suggested Grades
4th - 12th
Geographical Setting
Historical Setting
1919 - 1919
University of Nebraska Press


  • 1 Ragtag Crew
  • 2 Blacksnake
  • 3 Judy's Story
  • 4 Under the Lash
  • 5 Banker Bones
  • 6 Completamente Aplastada
  • 7 On My Own
  • 8 Wheat Harvest
  • 9 New Fields to Reap
  • 10 Bamboozling Bones
  • 11 Haggling and Horses
  • 12 Tricky Business
  • 13 Wagon Wheels
  • 14 Yimminy! Dat is Fun
  • 15 On Our Way to Heligoland
  • 16 Home on the Dry Divide
  • 17 Ragtag No More

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