William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and The Story of Rome

by Jim Weiss Narrator

From Greathall Website: "Adventurer, conquerer, political genius, classic author - Julius Caesar lived one of history’s most amazing lives. Yet it was the story of his death that William Shakespeare turned into a dramatic masterpiece. This spirited retelling brings us Shakespeare’s cast of immortal characters with excerpts from the original dialogue told in a way that young listeners can grasp. This CD will nurture a passion for Shakespeare and an understanding of why these people and historical events still shape our world today."


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Greathall Productions


  • 1 The Story of Rome: Preface - What Happened Before the Play Begins
  • 2 The Story of Rome: The Story of Cincinnatus
  • 3 The Story of Rome: Sulla and the Struggle for Power
  • 4 The Story of Rome: Enter, Caesar
  • 5 The Story of Rome: Caesar in Gaul
  • 6 The Story of Rome: Caesar and Cleopatra
  • 7 . Julius Caesar: Julius Caesar
  • 8 Julius Caesar: Brutus and Cassius
  • 9 Julius Caesar: The Storm Clouds Gather
  • 10 Julius Caesar: The Ides of March
  • 11 Julius Caesar: Mark Antony
  • 12 Julius Caesar: In the Roman Forum
  • 13 Julius Caesar: The Adversaries
  • 14 Julius Caesar: The Last Battle
  • 15 Julius Caesar: Epilogue - What Happened Afterward

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