Mapping the World by Heart

by David J. Smith Author

(From Amazon): If you placed blank sheets of paper in front of your students, could they draw a detailed map of the entire world? It may seem hard to believe, but after exploring the innovative Mapping the World by Heart curriculum, students have a comprehensive knowledge of geography that allows them to map the world entirely from memory! - Teaches students to draw entirely from memory detailed world maps including the names, borders, mountain ranges, rivers, and major cities of more than 190 countries. - Gets students excited about geography and encourages them to think globally. - Promotes positive student interactions and collaboration, both in small group work and as a class. - Provides teachers with flexible lessons they can easily integrate into their existing curriculum. - Gives students a constructive goal to work towards all year long. Product Format: Designed for grades 5-12, Mapping the World by Heart includes a set of maps and a comprehensive teacher s guide that makes it easy to integrate lessons and activities into any class s existing curriculum. Combining memorization with the real use of knowledge, practice, mnemonics, large and small group activities, and games, Mapping the World by Heart inspires students to study and love geography. The award-winning curriculum is the creation of David J. Smith, a teacher with over 25 years' experience in the middle school classroom. TIME Magazine, NBC s Today Show, the Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and the Associated Press have written about David Smith and the great success his curriculum has brought to classrooms across the country. FableVision founder Peter H. Reynolds fell in love with David's breakthrough approach almost 20 years ago. He was with Tom Snyder Productions when they first published Mapping the World by Heart in 1992. At that time, Peter provided the charming illustrations for the teacher s guide, which remain with the product to this day. Recently, Peter and David connected and decided that FableVision Learning was the perfect new home for this innovative and creative geography curriculum. It is with great pleasure that FableVision Learning has added Mapping the World by Heart to its growing collection of tools for your creative classroom. When it was first released, Mapping the World by Heart was awarded the Breaking the Mold Award by the U.S. Department of Education. It has been through nine complete revisions, and is updated regularly. Includes: Comprehensive Teacher s Guide - Contains detailed lesson plans and reproducibles for students. - Three new supplements for teachers who wish to focus on a special area Mapping Canada by Heart, Mapping the U.S. by Heart, and Mapping Mexico by Heart. Reproducible desk-outline maps, 11 x 17 inches - 10 regional maps (Canada, U.S., Mexico, Central America, South America, Africa, Europe, Eastern Europe and North Asia, South Asia, Oceania). - World maps blank grids and filled-in outline maps of the world in each of three projections Mercator, Robinson, and Equirectangular.


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  • 1 Blank Grid Lesson
  • 2 Grapefruit Lesson
  • 3 Latitude and Longitude
  • 4 Latitude and Longitude
  • 5 Playground Maps
  • 6 Playground Maps
  • 7 Contour Maps
  • 8 Contour Maps
  • 9 Thematic Maps
  • 10 Thematic Maps
  • 11 Selected World Features Map
  • 12 Selected World Features Map
  • 13 Mapping the USA
  • 14 Mapping the USA
  • 15 Mapping the USA
  • 16 Mapping the USA
  • 17 Mapping Canada
  • 18 Mapping Canada
  • 19 Mapping Canada
  • 20 Mapping Canada
  • 21 Mapping Central America, Mexico, and West Indies
  • 22 Mapping Central America, Mexico and West Indies
  • 23 Mapping Central America, Mexico, and West Indies
  • 24 Mapping Central America, Mexico, and West Indies
  • 25 Mapping South America
  • 26 Mapping South America
  • 27 Mapping South America
  • 28 Mapping South America
  • 29 Review The Americas
  • 30 Review The Americas
  • 31 World Experts--Brazil Study
  • 32 World Experts--Brazil Study
  • 33 World Experts--Brazil Study
  • 34 World Experts--Brazil Study
  • 35 Mapping Europe
  • 36 Mapping Europe
  • 37 Mapping Europe
  • 38 Mapping Europe
  • 39 Mapping Eastern Europe and Northern Asia
  • 40 Mapping Eastern Europe and Northern Asia
  • 41 Mapping Eastern Europe and Northern Asia
  • 42 Mapping Eastern Europe and Northern Asia
  • 43 Mapping Africa
  • 44 Mapping Africa
  • 45 Mapping Africa
  • 46 Mapping Africa
  • 47 Mapping Asia
  • 48 Mapping Asia
  • 49 Mapping Asia
  • 50 Mapping Asia
  • 51 Mapping Australia and Oceania
  • 52 Mapping Australia and Oceania
  • 53 Mapping Australia and Oceania
  • 54 Mapping Australia and Oceania
  • 55 World Tests
  • 56 The World Experts Lesson
  • 57 Mnemonics
  • 58 Eastern Hemisphere Review
  • 59 Eastern Hemisphere Review
  • 60 Eastern Hemisphere Review
  • 61 Eastern Hemisphere Review
  • 62 Daily Practice Maps
  • 63 Daily Practice Maps
  • 64 Daily Practice Maps
  • 65 Daily Practice Maps
  • 66 Daily Practice Maps
  • 67 Daily Practice Maps
  • 68 Daily Practice Maps
  • 69 Daily Practice Maps
  • 70 Daily Practice Maps
  • 71 Daily Practice Maps
  • 72 Daily Practice Maps
  • 73 Daily Practice Maps
  • 74 Daily Practice Maps
  • 75 Daily Practice Maps
  • 76 Daily Practice Maps
  • 77 Daily Practice Maps
  • 78 World Tests

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