TOPS 33 - Magnetism

by Ron Marson Author

(From Amazon): This unit uses small, rectangular, ceramic magnets about as wide as postage stamps (size not critical). You may have them at home, holding messages to your refrigerator door, or you can purchase them at reasonable cost from Radio Shack stores, science supply outlets or TOPS. Your students will put these to very good use. With a thread and pin they will map a magnetic field. With masking tape and paper clips they will graph how the strength of the magnet changes with distance. Compasses, electromagnets, telegraphs, buzzers and motors - Magnetism is filled with wonderful inventions that run on simple materials. So incredibly little teaches so much! The book is organized into 3 main parts: INTRODUCTION* Getting It Together - Materials * Sequencing Activities * Building an Effective Teaching Strategy * Diary of a Teacher * Long Range Objectives * Gaining a Whole Perspective TEACHING NOTES (20 lessons)* Is It Magnetic? * Name that Pole * Pin Magnets * Invisible Gears * Up in the Air * Strength of a Magnet * Magnet Models * Hairline Compass * Letter Puzzles * Which Way? * Map a Magnetic Field * Opposite Fields Attract * Like Fields Repel * Build an Electromagnet * Hat-Pins Compass * Pin Motors * Dots and Dashes * Does It Buzz It? * On-Off Motor * Rice Roundup REPRODUCIBLE LINE MASTERS * 20 Student Activity SheetsRecommended in Laura Berquist Syllabus Grade 6Author: Ron Marson, Illustrated by Peg MarsonSubject Area: PhysicsLevel: Grades 3-8Format: 80 pages, PaperbackPublisher: TOPS Learning Systems (2000)ISBN: 0-941008-54-1


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3rd - 8th
Tops Learning System


  • 1 Is it Magnetic?
  • 2 Name That Pole
  • 3 Pin Magnets
  • 4 Invisible Gears
  • 5 Up in the Air
  • 6 Strength of a Magnet
  • 7 Magnetic Models
  • 8 Hairline Compass
  • 9 Letter Puzzles
  • 10 Which Way?
  • 11 Map a Magnetic Field
  • 12 Opposite Fields Attract
  • 13 Life Fields Repel
  • 14 Build an Electromagnet
  • 15 Hat-Pins Compass
  • 16 Pin Motors
  • 17 Dots and Dashes
  • 18 Does it Buzz it?
  • 19 On-Off Motor
  • 20 Rice Roundup

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