Electricity (Science With Simple Things Ser No 32)

by Ron Marson Author

(From Amazon): Circuits are fun to build. But poor contact points or loose connections can often make it a frustrating experience, especially for younger students. Not to worry! Using no more than paper clips, rubber bands, clothespins and pennies, your students will build bulb holders, battery holders and switches that are virtually goof-proof. Gone is the tangle of copper wire that must be twisted and untwisted. It is replaced by flexible, tangle-proof ribbon - aluminum foil backed by masking tape. Because it is flat, this ribbon can be joined into electrically secure connections with paper clips. Simple, inexpensive, easy to do - you and your class will love Electricity. The book is organized into three main parts: INTRODUCTION* Getting It Together - Materials * Sequencing Activities * Building an Effective Teaching Strategy * Diary of a Teacher * Long Range Objectives * Gaining a Whole Perspective TEACHING NOTES (20 lessons)* It Works! * To Light or Not to Light * Light Bulb Predictions * Series Means in a Row * Parallel Means Side by Side * Conductor or Insulator? * Electric Puzzles * Build a Circuit * Electric By-Pass * Circuit Symbols * Electro-Squares * Map it - Draw it - Build it * Series or Parallel? * Resistance in a Wire * A flashy Experiment * Surprise Circuits * Build a Fuse * Big Bang! * 2-Way Switches * Bulbs and a Penny REPRODUCIBLE LINE MASTERS * 20 Student Activity Sheets Recommended in Laura Berquist Syllabus Grade 6Author: Ron Marson, Illustrated by Peg MarsonSubject Area: PhysicsLevel: Grades 3-8Format: 80 pages, PaperbackPublisher: TOPS Learning Systems (2000)ISBN: 0-941008-53-3


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Suggested Grades
3rd - 8th
Tops Learning System


  • 1 It Works!
  • 2 To Light or Not to Light
  • 3 Light Bulb Predictions
  • 4 Series Means in a Row
  • 5 Parallel Means Side by Side
  • 6 Conductor or Insulator?
  • 7 Electric Puzzles
  • 8 Build a Circuit
  • 9 Electric By-Pass
  • 10 Circuit Symbols
  • 11 Electro-Squares
  • 12 Map It--Draw It--Build It
  • 13 Series or Parallel?
  • 14 Resistance in a Wire
  • 15 A Flashy Experiment
  • 16 Surprise Circuits
  • 17 Build a Fuse
  • 18 Big Bang!
  • 19 2-Way Switches
  • 20 Bulbs and a Penny

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