TOPS Learning Systems : Green Thumbs: Corn and Beans #39

by Ron Marson Author

(From Amazon): This unit blends science, math, language and art into a single grand learning experience. There is much to observe, to calculate, to write and to draw. Your students will grow popcorn and pinto beans (the kind you buy in any grocery store), then track plant development in their personal daily journals. Over 5 weeks your class will construct their own lab equipment, compile a complete written and visual record of growth graph daily height and weight gains study how leaves photosynthesize examine the role of cotyledons in plant development learn to distinguish monocots from dicots in flowering plants, and much more. INTRODUCTION * Getting Ready * Gathering Materials * Long Range Objectives * Gaining a Whole Perspective TEACHING NOTES (5 weeks) REPRODUCIBLE LINE MASTERS * 11 pages of Lab Instructions * 12 pages of Journal Cut-Outs * Take-Home Test ( 39) Green Thumbs: CORN AND BEANS requires no special lab equipment or unusual supplies. Just photocopy the lab pages, gather simple materials (like pop corn, pinto beans, milk cartons and paper towels), and you re ready to explore TOPS Learning Systems hands-on. Publisher: TOPS Learning Systems, Inc., 1997 Author: Ron Marson Grade: 4-12 Format: 80 pages, paperback ISBN: 0-941008-49-5


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3rd - 8th
TOPS Learning Systems


  • 1 Make Your Plant Journal
  • 2 Build a Balance
  • 3 Make a Pole Planter
  • 4 Make a Bean Map
  • 5 Make a Milk Carton Seed Tray
  • 6 Begin Your Journal
  • 7 Draw Your Sprouts
  • 8 Look Inside & Draw Your Sprouts
  • 9 Plant Your Pole Planter & Draw Your Sprouts
  • 10 Prepare Your Journal for Daily Drawings & The Week in Review
  • 11 Plant Your Seed Tray, Pole Planter, & Draw Your Sprouts
  • 12 Pole Planter, Weigh Numbered Seeds, & Pole Planter
  • 13 Pole Planter
  • 14 Add Water, Cover Some Bean Leaves, & Pole Planter
  • 15 Tie a Bean & Corn Sprout & Pole Planter
  • 16 Compare Leaves, Pole Planter, Sprout Mass & Compare Roots
  • 17 Pole Planter, Sprout Mass & Monocots and Dicots
  • 18 Study Cotyledons, Pole Planter & Sprout Mass
  • 19 Study Plant Growth, Pole Planter & Sprout Mass
  • 20 Pole Planter, Sprout Mass & How Plants Grow
  • 21 Graph Your Mass Data, Pole Planter, Sprout Mass & How Cotyledons Function
  • 22 Pole Planter, Graph Height Data & Photosynthesis
  • 23 Examine Mature Plants
  • 24 TOPS Take-Home Test

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