A Jesus Advent Celebration

by Ann Voskamp Author

This is a great free download. You simply subscribe to her blog and then you can download the Advent Celebration. (from her blog) Each of the 25 days of the journey includes: The full Bible text of the day’s reading in either NCV or NIV (of course, feel free to read from your own Bible, if you’d prefer another translation.) Readings are selected to begin in Genesis and cover significant events throughout the Old Testament — each story pointing to the coming Messiah. It’s like an overview of the whole span of His Story — leading right up to the climax of the coming Christ! A devotional that (humbly attempts!) to be a read-aloud for the whole family – engaging enough for young children and yet meaty enough for teens and adults. (Thank you for grace!) Each reflection endeavors to not only highlight an important scene from God’s epic in time, but to always unwrap more of Jesus, the gift hidden in every story. a short, simple action point for the day — “Unwrapping more of His love in the World” — a way to do something together as a family that not only invites the coming Kingdom of God and Jesus’ love into your home and community, but is an opportunity to apply and live out the day’s devotional. It’s like an Advent Calendar that gives back – becoming more like the gift Himself! a full color ornament, illustrated by Nancy Rodden and used with permission, to hang on your own Jesse Tree. The very last pages of the book include all of the ornaments in over several pages so you can easily cut each ornament out and creatively mount to your own preferences

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Early Years - 12th


  • 1 Nov 29; It is Advent. Come
  • 2 Nov 30; Life begins as a Love Story
  • 3 Dec 1; Where are you?
  • 4 Dec 2; Saved
  • 5 Dec 3; Living by Faith
  • 6 Dec 4; Laugh!
  • 7 Dec 5; God Provides
  • 8 Dec 6; The House of God
  • 9 Dec 7; The Colors of His Love
  • 10 Dec 8; Engraved on His Hands
  • 11 Dec 9; Loving the Family of God
  • 12 Dec 10; Venturing Big for God
  • 13 Dec 11; Looking on Hearts
  • 14 Dec 12; The Shepherd King who lays down His life
  • 15 Dec 13; Light to Warm Us
  • 16 Dec 14; Fire God
  • 17 Dec 15; New Kingdom Coming
  • 18 Dec 16; Staggering Extremes
  • 19 Dec 17; Lifting up the Little and Small
  • 20 Dec 18; Come to the King
  • 21 Dec 19; Watching for Him who is Enough
  • 22 Dec 20; Grace Turns Us Towards One Another
  • 23 Dec 21; The Water of Repentance
  • 24 Dec 22; Be a Dwelling Space for God
  • 25 Dec 23; Son of a Carpenter
  • 26 Dec 24; Journey
  • 27 Dec 25; Here

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