Billy Graham: Just Get Up Out of Your Seat [SCM]

by Catherine Mackenzie Author

A living narrative of Billy Graham's life. (From Amazon): Billy was born on a dairy farm in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1918 just days after the signing of the armistice that ended the first world world war. At the age of sixteen Billy Graham came to Christ during a Christian revival meeting and it wasn't long before he felt the call to preach. With the help of his wife Ruth and many other friends and colleagues Billy Graham set out to preach to the world. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association was founded and since that day Billy has preached to over 80 million people in more than 185 countries. Millions more have been reached through television, video, film and webcasts. He has founded newspapers; film companies, magazines and radio ministries. Communism and Apartheid, Segregation and Terrorism - Billy Graham has faced up to all Christianity's major opponents of the twentieth century. From paying the bail money to get Martin Luther King out of jail to addressing the memorial service in Washington after the collapse of the World Trade centre, Billy Graham has been there for people with practical help and a message of hope that is timeless. Billy Graham: "Yes Sir, take me to the cross, I can find my way from home from there"

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In Print
Suggested Grades
1st - 12th
Historical Setting
1918 - 2006
Christian Focus Publications


  • 1 When the Guns Fell Silent
  • 2 Fancy Ties and Tarzan Games
  • 3 It's all Hogwash
  • 4 Just as I am?
  • 5 Preacher Boy
  • 6 Ask Her for a Date!
  • 7 The Modesto Manifesto
  • 8 Puff Graham!
  • 9 A Brush with History
  • 10 A Different Europe
  • 11 105 Degrees in the Shade
  • 12 Moscow Tourist
  • 13 Global Relief

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