RightStart Mathematics Transition Lessons

by Joan A. Cotter Author

Designed for the child starting RightStartâ„¢ Mathematics Levels C, D, or E (grades 2-4) who has not previously worked with the AL abacus. Worksheets are included.


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Suggested Grades
2nd - 4th
Activities for Learning


  • T1 Venn Diagram & Quantities
  • T2 Quantities 1 to 7
  • T3 Quantities 1 to 8 & Ellipses
  • T4 Quantites 1 to 10 & Parallel Lines
  • T5 Partitioning Ten & Perpendicular Lines
  • T6 Practicing the Tens Facts
  • T7 The Math Balance
  • T8 Tens on the Abacus
  • T9 Hundreds on the Abacus
  • T10 Thousands on the Abacus
  • T11 Review
  • T12 Tens and Ones
  • T13 Combining Place Value Cards
  • T14 Representing 4-Place Numbers
  • T15 Quantities on Side 2 of the Abacus
  • T16 Traditional Names for Tens
  • T17 Traditional Names for 11 to 19
  • T18 Adding 5s and 10s Mentally
  • T19 Corners Game
  • T20 Adding 4-Place Value Numbers on the Abacus
  • T21 Review & Addition Strategies
  • T22 Pennies, Nickels, & Dimes
  • T23 All Five Coins
  • T24 Skip Counting Patterns
  • T25 Multiplying on the Abacus
  • T26 Mentally Adding 2-Digit Numbers
  • T27 Subtraction Corners
  • T28 Terry's Way to Subtract
  • T29 Subtracting 4-Place Numbers on the Abacus
  • T30 Perimeter
  • T31 Area
  • T32 Review

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