Primary Mathematics Challenging Word Problems 4

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(From Amazon): The Challenging Word Problems for Primary Mathematics series provides not only ample practice of graded exercises for students of mixed abilities but also offers better math students with challenging questions. This series is written to supplement and complement Singapore's Primary Mathematics textbooks, both U.S. and Standards editions, distributed by Inc for use in the U.S.A. Adopting a topical approach in which mathematical concepts and skills are taught and reinforced, the Challenging Word Problems for Primary Mathematics series of six titles (1-6) serves to improve students' problem-solving skills and enhance their mathematical reasoning. Each book in the series features the following: Worked Examples for each topic show common methods of solution used in the Primary Mathematics textbook; Practice Questions allow students to apply and practice questions similar to the ones discussed in the Worked Examples and in the Primary Mathematics textbooks; Challenging Problems provide opportunities for more capable students to solve harder word problems and further develop their problem-solving skills; Miscellaneous Questions allow students to review and test their understanding of the concepts discussed in each topic and in the Primary Mathematics textbooks; Answers allow teachers or students to check their answers to all practice exercises and challenging problems; Selected solutions provide commonly used methods of solution to non-routine questions, while encouraging creative or intuitive ones as well. Challenging Word Problems for Primary Mathematics is ideal for both classroom and home use as supplementary material to Primary Mathematics U.S. or Standards editions textbooks. This series is highly recommended for capable students as a source of challenging word problems.


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