The Book of Cowboys

by Holling C. Holling Author

Holling C. Holling does a great job of weaving information about cowboys and ranching into a wholesome narrative about Peter and his sister Barbara Ann, who spend a summer out West at the Circle Cross Ranch. Long out of print, this classic is being reprinted by some publishers now.

Additional Details

Resource Type
Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
1st - 6th
Geographical Setting
New Mexico
Historical Setting
1936 - 1936
Plaat Press


  • 1 A Ranchman Comes to Town
  • 2 Peter and Barbara Ann Meet Some Cowboys
  • 3 Through Eagle Nest Pass
  • 4 Supper at Casa Grande of the Circle Cross Ranch
  • 5 How Cowboys and Ranching All Began
  • 6 New Outfits and Lariats
  • 7 The Story of Tubby
  • 8 What's the Difference between a Horse and a Cow?
  • 9 Jim Explains Bridles and Bits
  • 10 From Sizzling Bread to Saddles and Such
  • 11 Peter and Barbara Ann Do Some Exploring
  • 12 Saddled and Bridled and Fit for the Fair
  • 13 How Do You Pack a Horse?
  • 14 The Pack Train Gets Started
  • 15 How Geography Made the Circle Cross Ranch
  • 16 On the Trail
  • 17 A Short Camp and a Tall Tale
  • 18 A Bough Bed a Mile and a Half Up
  • 19 A Somewhat Sleepless Night, and a New Arrival
  • 20 Over War Tree Pass to the Cow Camp
  • 21 Uncle Harry Explains Brands and Branding
  • 22 Horses Again
  • 23 Dusting Off the Bad Ones
  • 24 The Brand New Brand
  • 25 Why Do Animals Buck?
  • 26 The Long and Short of It
  • 27 Peter and Barbara Ann Catch a Calf
  • 28 A Story of the Texas Trail
  • 29 Leaving the Circle Cross
  • 30 A Rustler Story with Variations
  • 31 A Line Camp Cabin on the Bar Six Ranch
  • 32 Babes in the Woods
  • 33 Wild Animals and Wilder Men
  • 34 Ghost Canyon
  • 35 Fun at the Fall Roundup
  • 36 What Happened at the Rodeo

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