A Living History of Our World Volume 1-Ancient Americans Through the Gold Rush

by Angela O'Dell Author

Are you ready for the most enjoyable year of homeschool history your've ever had? Angela O'Dell's A Living History of Our World series is a complete year long history curriculum that read like a living book! Combining the Charlotte Mason style elements of real, whole books, subject integration (history, geography, art, vocabulary, narration, and more) with a no-preparation, simple to use curriculum that will captivate all ages, this is a history program you and your children will look forward to every day! The accompanying Student Journal gives each student his own place to keep his work, and treasured keepsake of drawing, copy work, timelines, projects, maps, and original writings when he is finished.


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  • 1 Who lived here first?
  • From where did the first American come?
  • A brief look at some of the more prominent tribes/groups
  • 2 Leif Erikson, the Christian King
  • The story of Erik the Red and Leif the Lucky
  • The Vikings "find" North America
  • 3 Christopher Columbus and other European Explorers
  • Who was Christopher Columbus?
  • A brief look at some of the more prominent European explorers
  • The beginnings of the "American" slave trade, as Africans are brought to work for the European "farmers"
  • 4 Settlements, Mosquitoes, and an Indian Princess
  • The Mystery of Roanoke
  • Captain John Smith and Jamestown
  • Meet Pocahontas friend of John Smith
  • 5 Pilgrimage to Freedom
  • What made the Pilgrims leave England?
  • The Pilgrim's new home in Holland
  • The need for religious freedom and the voyage on the Mayflower
  • The hard first winter as half of the Pilgrims die
  • 6 Squanto, the friendly Indian and the First Thanksgiving
  • Squanto's story and how God saved him from dying with the rest of his people
  • Squanto helps the Pilgrims with the planting and harvest, and the First Thanksgiving
  • 7 Life in the Colonies
  • Life in the 13 Colonies
  • African slave trade grows
  • The Salem Witch Trials
  • The Great Awakening
  • 8 William Penn, a Man of Peace
  • The founding of the "City of Brotherly Love"
  • 9 William Wilberforce, Abolitionist Hero
  • Meet William Wilberforce, an unlikely hero
  • 10 Young George Washington and the Horrible War
  • Meet young General George Washington
  • The tale of Acadia
  • 11 Winds of Change in the English Colonies
  • Tea Thrown Over-board!
  • Give me liberty of give me death!
  • 12 The Power of Words
  • Benjamin Franklin~ jack-of-all-trades
  • Thomas Jefferson~ writer of the Declaration of Independence
  • 13 The British are coming!
  • The Famous Ride of Paul Revere
  • The Minute Men
  • The Shot Heard Around the World
  • 14 Stories of the American Revolution
  • Valley Forge
  • Important battles
  • Brave men at sea
  • 15 More Stories from the Revolution
  • Spies!
  • A soldier's life
  • Women in the war
  • Betsy Ross (June 1776)
  • 16 13 Colonies Become One Nation
  • Our New Government: For the People, by the People!
  • Who wrote it?
  • How it Works
  • 17 First in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his fellow countryman
  • (1st George Washington 1789-1797)
  • (2nd president John Adams 1797-1801)
  • 18 Looking West!
  • Adventure with Daniel Boone, a real life legend
  • 19 The Louisiana Purchase, What a Deal!
  • (3rd president, Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809)
  • 20 The Adventures of Lewis and Clark
  • Sacagawea, Indian Guide
  • Journey to the Pacific
  • 21 The Strange War of 1812
  • Oh, Say Can You See?
  • (4th president- James Madison 1809-1817)
  • 22 The Industrial Revolution Changes the World
  • Steam engines and cotton gins
  • 5th president- James Monroe 1817-1825
  • 6th president- John Q. Adams 1825-1829
  • 23 Paths to Change, part 1 and 2
  • Path to freedom~ traveling the Underground Railroad
  • Trail of Tears~ the Indian "removal"
  • (7th president- Andrew Jackson 1829-1837)
  • 24 Heroes of the Abolition Movement
  • Frederick Douglass, fighting of equality
  • Harriet Tubman, the lady "Moses"
  • 25 The Story of the Alamo
  • Remember the Alamo
  • 8th president- Martin Van Buren 1837-1841, 9th president- William H. Harrison 1841
  • 26 The Great Journey West Part 1
  • Wagon Trains on the Oregon and California Trail
  • (10th president- John Tyler 1841-1845)
  • 27 The Great Journey West Part 2
  • The Gold Rush! (11th president- James K. Polk 1845-1849)
  • 28 Looking back, looking forward and our place in history

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