E Is for Environment: Stories to Help Children Care for Their World--at Home, at School, and at Play

by Ian James Corlett Author

(From Amazon): These days, there’s a lot of talk about being green, buying organic, and protecting our planet. But making eco-friendly choices can be hard for busy families, and helping kids think about their earth’s future is no easy task. Luckily, Ian James Corlett—an award-winning children’s TV writer and author of E IS FOR ETHICS—is back with a guide that makes saving the environment a fun family adventure. Best of all, Elliott and Lucy—who made values and morals so accessible in E IS FOR ETHICS—are here to help. Like your own kids, Elliott and Lucy wanted to be good to the environment, but sometimes, they could get a bit careless. They kept the water running when they brushed their teeth.They didn’t turn off the lights when they left a room.They loved using lots of paper when they did arts and crafts.  In these stories, Elliott and Lucy learn that being good to the environment isn’t a big chore—it’s actually pretty cool! (And they get to teach Mom and Dad a thing or two along the way). With this engaging, read-together book, families will see that the small things they do every day can make a big impact. Teaching your children about the planet has never been so easy or entertaining—and before you know it, they’ll be reminding YOU to recycle!

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  • 1 It's in the Bag
  • 2 A Mile a Day Keeps You Feeling Okay
  • 3 Heat it or Beat it?
  • 4 The Hunt for Red Dots All Over
  • 5 Lola's "Business"
  • 6 Look at Life from Both Sides Now
  • 7 Dental Arithmetic
  • 8 Litterless Lunch
  • 9 Stuffed Stuff and More Stuff
  • 10 Ooh-La-La...Local
  • 11 Charge It
  • 12 With Your Own Two Eyes (and Nostrils)
  • 13 Bottled Up
  • 14 Sports Share
  • 15 Green Gifts
  • 16 Fair-Weather Gardner
  • 17 Veggie Night
  • 18 Banana Boy
  • 19 Cold-Water Blues
  • 20 Grow Your Own
  • 21 We'll Get New Wheels
  • 22 To Light or Not to Light
  • 23 Watch Your Water
  • 24 A Day at the Museum
  • 25 Too Cool for School
  • 26 I Promise
  • 27 Final Thoughts

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