Grammar for Middle School: A Sentence-Composing Approach--A Student Worktext

by Don Killgallon Author

(From Amazon): Don and Jenny Killgallon's sentence-composing approach has transformed how writing is taught in thousands of language arts classes, helping students all across America become more proficient, sophisticated writers. Now the Killgallons use their highly effective method for a unique, powerful textbook that links good writing to that perennially difficult-to-teach subject-grammar. Grammar for Middle School: A Sentence-Composing Approach gives your students the chance to absorb and replicate the grammatical structures used by some of the best writers of our times. Included among the over 150 authors, 200 titles, and 400 model sentences in Grammar for Middle School are award-winning young-adult literature such as Cynthia Voigt's Homecoming, popular favorites like J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter, and curricular staples such as John Steinbeck's The Red Pony and The Pearl. Fourteen grammatical structures are developed in the same predictable, understandable manner, using the sentence-composing approach. When students first encounter a tool, it is clearly defined and characterized. Then it's practiced through five activities: matching, unscrambling, combining, imitating, and expanding. Finally, a creative writing activity immerses students in the composition or revision of a paragraph through independent use of the sentence-composing tools they have already learned. Best of all, after each section, review activities-which can be easily graded as unit or final tests-offer opportunities for students to bring it all together and build better sentences. An online teacher's guide accompanies Grammar for Middle School and includes advice, tips, resources, answer keys, and even curricular plans for teachers who are either new to the Killgallon approach or sentence-composing veterans. No one can forge the link between grammar and writing like Don and Jenny Killgallon. Discover for yourself or rediscover how powerful the sentence-composing approach can be, and watch as your students get grammar like never before-and write better sentences too.Download the Teacher's Guide.


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Suggested Grades
5th - 8th


  • 1 Introduction Page 1
  • 2 Chunking to Imitate Pages 2-4
  • 3 Unscrambling to Imitate Pages 5-6
  • 4 Combining to Imitate Pages 7-8
  • 5 Imitating Alone Pages 9-11
  • 6 Opening Adjective Pages 12-16
  • 7 Delayed Adjective Pages 18-22
  • 8 Opening Adverb Pages 24-28
  • 9 Delayed Adverb Pages 30-34
  • 10 Review of Adjectives and Adverbs Pages 35-37
  • 11 Absolute Phrase Pages 38-42
  • 12 Appositive Phrase Pages 44-48
  • 13 Prepositional Phrase Pages 50-54
  • 14 Participial Phrase Pages 56-61
  • 15 Gerund Phrase Pages 62-66
  • 16 Infinitive Phrase Pages 68-72
  • 17 Review of Phrases Pages 73-76
  • 18 Clause Types Pages 78-83
  • 19 Adjective Clause Pages 84-89
  • 20 Adverb Clause Pages 90-95
  • 21 Noun Clause Pages 96-100
  • 22 Review of Clauses Pages 101-104
  • 23 Creating Good Writing Pages 105-109
  • 24
  • 25

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