Laddie: A True Blue Story [SCM]

(From Amazon): This charming story is told by "Little Sister" a young girl who loves to learn, but has no patience with schools. Her ideal classroom is nature itself. Join her as she learns about the world and her place in it.

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In Print
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4th - 12th
Geographical Setting
Historical Setting
1870 - 1879
Wilder Publications


  • 1 Little Sister
  • 2 Our Angel Boy
  • 3 Mr. Pryor's Door
  • 4 The Last Day in Eden
  • 5 The First Day of School
  • 6 The Wedding Gown
  • 7 When Sally Married Peter
  • 8 The Shropshire and the Crusader
  • 9 Even So
  • 10 Laddie Takes the Plunge
  • 11 Keeping Christmas Our Way
  • 12 The Horn of the Hunter
  • 13 The Garden of the Lord
  • 14 The Crest of Eastbrooke
  • 15 Laddie, the Princess, and the Pie
  • 16 The Homing Pigeon
  • 17 In Faith Believing
  • 18 The Pryor Mystery

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Excellent, deep novel

Reviewed by Parent/Teacher

I am so thrilled to see this in the SCM bookfinder. It is a gem of a book, my all time favorite, not to be missed. Several themes run through this book and it will be a treat to read. One particular thread is the value and love of a family. As most of the good older authors did, the story line is constructed really well. Books are just not written this well these days. There are a few humorous and memorable parts that I will not give away here. Lastly, the CM lover will enjoy how Gene Porter refers a lot to nature. She does this in all her books, but some more so than others. Her love of the outdoors is very obvious.

If using as a Read Aloud wait until your children are old enough to appreciate this. There is nothing upsetting, but the themes are so beautiful that it would be a pity to miss them.

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