Great Map Mysteries: 18 Stories and Maps to Build Geography and Map Skills (Grades 3-6)

by Susan Julio Author

(From Amazon): This one-of-a-kind classroom resource includes plays based on great mystery stories by writers like Edgar Allan Poe, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Dashiell Hammett, Ellery Queen, Nathaniel Hawthorne and others. The creative, cross-curricular extension activities help students fully explore the genre of mystery. For use with Grades 3-6.


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3rd - 6th
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  • 1 The Case of the Puzzling Producer Or Identifying Geographic Shapes.
  • 2 The Case of the Borderline Fanatic Or Interpreting Map Borderlines
  • 3 The Case of the Pinched Pooches Or Identifying Continents and Capital Cities.
  • 4 The Case of the Abbreviated Artist Or Identifying Map Abbreviations
  • 5 The Case of the Absent Archeologist Or Using a Compass Rose.
  • 6 The Case of the Vanishing Sisters Or Using a Grid Map
  • 7 The Case of the Missing Millionaires Or Determining Latitude and Longitude
  • 8 The Case of the Elvis Impersonator Or Using a Map Scale.
  • 9 The Case of the Smiling Señorita Or Comparing Time Zones
  • 10 The Case of the Missing Monster Or Reading a Contour Map
  • 11 The Case of the Ransomed Rocker Or Using a Street Map
  • 12 The Case of the Missing Microchip Or Reading a Road Map
  • 13 The Case of the Snatched Scientist Or Reading a Resource Map .
  • 14 The Case of the Bagged Bertha Or Using a Zoo Map
  • 15 The Case of the Missing Mummy Or Interpreting a Museum Map
  • 16 The Case of the Purloined Pitcher Or Reading a Weather Map
  • 17 The Case of the Dishonest Abe Or Using an Area Code Map
  • 18 The Case of the Disappearing Diplomat Or Using a Marine Chart.

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