The Original McGuffey's The Eclectic Third Reader

by William Holmes McGuffey Author

Contains selections of prose and poetry from the best American and English writers with plain rules for reading and directions for avoiding common errors.

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4th - 6th
Mott Media. Inc.
Reprinted by Mott Media, Inc 1982


  • I Effects of Rashness
  • II Effects of Rashness (continued)
  • III The Consequence of Idleness
  • IV Advantages of Industry
  • V Punctuality and Punctuation
  • VI The Way to be Happy
  • VII How a Fly Walks on the Ceiling
  • VIII Select Sentences and Paragraphs
  • IX Alexander the Great
  • X The Child's Inquiry
  • XI A Contest with Tigers
  • XII The Thunder Storm
  • XIII The Thunder Storm
  • XIV The Skylark
  • XV Murderer's Creek
  • XVI How to Guard against Temptation
  • XVII Short Sentences
  • XVIII The Bible
  • XIX More about the Bible
  • XX Musical Mice
  • XXI Character of Jesus Christ
  • XXII Clothing of Animals and Vegetables
  • XXIII The Lost Child
  • XXIV The Rainbow
  • XXV The Rainbow
  • XXVI Insignificance of the Earth
  • XXVII The Dead Mother
  • XXVIII Sermon on the Mount
  • XXIX Freaks of the Frost
  • XXX Stories about the Bear
  • XXXI On Speaking the Truth
  • XXXII Advantages of Reading
  • XXXIII Solomon's Wise Choice
  • XXXIV About the Locust
  • XXXV Character of the Icelanders
  • XXXVI Description of Pompey's Pillar
  • XXXVII Antecdotes of Birds
  • XXXVIII Bonaparte Crossing the Alps
  • XXXIX The Boy and the Butterfly
  • XL The Goodness of God
  • XLI Ode from the 19th Psalm
  • XLII Works of the Coral Insect
  • XLIII The Coral Insect
  • XLIV Value of Time and Knowledge
  • XLV Mountains, Lakes and Rivers
  • XLVI Character of Martin Luther
  • XLVII Story of Louisa
  • XLVIII The Moses Covered Bucket
  • XLIX Consider Both Sides of the Question
  • L Consolation of Religion to the Poor
  • LI Tomorrow
  • LII The Generous Russian Peasant
  • LIII The Difference between Man and the Inferior Animals
  • LIV The Knell of Time
  • LV Touch not-Taste not-Handle not
  • LVI The Voice of Nature
  • LVII The Festal Board
  • LVIII Consequences of Bad Spelling
  • LIX Bad Spelling (continued)
  • LX The Importance of Well-Spent Youth
  • LXI Awake, Zion!
  • LXII Ministers of Religion
  • LXIII The Destruction of Sennacherib
  • LXIV The Winter King
  • LXV Gospel Invitation
  • LXVI On Prayer
  • LXVII The Dying Boy

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