American Tall Tales (Compiled Online)

Selections roughly based of the TOC from Stoutenberg's "American Tall Tales" to use in AO Yr 3.


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Tall Tales
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2nd - 4th

Tall Tales

  • 1 Birth of Paul Bunyan:
  • 2 Babe the Blue Ox:
  • 3 Paul Bunyan Tames the Whistling River:
  • 4 The Birth of Pecos Bill:
  • 5 Pecos Bill finds a Hard Outfit:
  • 6 Pecos Bill Rides a Tornado:
  • 7 Old Stormalong:
  • 8 Mike Fink - King of the Rivers:
  • 9 Davy Crockett and the Coonskin:
  • 10 Johnny Appleseed:
  • 11 John Henry: The Steel Driving Man:
  • 12 Joe Magrac - Man of Steel:

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