The US Constitution: A Pocket Reference w/Constitution, Bill of Rights, Amendments, Declaration of Independence, History of the Constitution, Questions ... Quotes, and Free Download for 10 works

by Madison Author

(From Amazon): Contents Included in this Handy Pocket Reference: The Complete Constitution of the United States     - Preamble and 7 Articles     - The Bill of Rights and All Other Amendments     - In Convention Monday, Sept. 17th, 1787 (Presentation of the Constitution before Congress)     - Congress of the United States Sept. 25, 1797 (The Presentation of the First 12 Amendments to the Legislatures) A Brief History of the US Constitution     - Introduction, Articles of Confederation, The Delegates, The Virginia Plan, The New Jersey Plan, Hamilton's Plan, The Great Compromise, The First Draft, The Federalists & Anti-Federalists, Ratification, The Bill of Rights, The Document Enshrined. The Declaration of Independence Questions and Answers Pertaining to the Constitution (over 80 Questions & Answers covering the key points of the Constitution) Famous Quotes from the Founders (Key Quotes from John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington) Inside back cover label with Bonus Coupon Code and URL Web Address for a FREE download of this reference and more in a fully indexed and navigable eBook format for your computer and mobile device. (Includes this entire reference work plus more: US Constitution with Bill of Rights and Amendments, Declaration of Independence, A Brief History of the US Constitution, The Federalist Papers, Common Sense by Thomas Paine, The Articles of Confederation, The Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents (Washington to Obama), The Magna Charta, The Mayflower Compact, and The First Written Constitution) Product Review: AMERICA, 1786. Ten years have past since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. But America's hopes for a united country are dangerously threatened. England wages a new war of unfair trade and tariffs. Fragmented states continually bicker over currencies, trade, taxations. America is a powder keg ready to explode. But a handful of brilliant courageous men, James Madison, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin, and others lead a three year diplomatic battle that culminates in Philadelphia. There they created a new form of that has since become the standard of freedom and democracy for the rest of the world. Now, in a convenient 96 page booklet, PowerThink Publishing (publishers of The Five Thousand Year Leap & US Constitution Coach Kit), brings you The US Constitution: A Pocket Reference. This booklet gives you everything you need and more to gain a knowledge of the US Constitution and other key documents. Not only does it include the complete Constitution of the United States along with the Bill of Rights and all the Amendments but we have also included A Brief History of the US Constitution, a work that was first published by the National Archives under the title A More Perfect Union: The Creation of the Constitution. This useful work gives a detailed glimpse into the key events leading up to and surrounding the summer of 1787 when a 'few good men' got together in order to form 'a more perfect union' for the people of America. From the abolishment of the Articles of Confederation and the introduction of the Virginia Plan to the Great Compromise and the Document Enshrined, this pocket guide to the US Constitution is a work you won't want to be without. Measuring in inches only 5.75 x 3.75 x 0.2, this handy reference will fit in any pocket to take with you wherever you go.


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