Fifty Famous Stories Retold

by James Baldwin Author

(From Amazon): No book is better for introducing children ages 6 to 9 to legendary historical figures than this collection of stories admirably retold by James Baldwin at the beginning of the last century. Selecting the best of our literary heritage, Baldwin cast it into a form that delights children of all ages. Beginning with stories of heroes from British history, including King Alfred and the Cakes, King Canute on the Seashore, and Bruce and the Spider, the book moves on to tales of other lands. From Ancient Greece come stories of The Brave Three Hundred, Alexander and Bucepahlus, and Diogenes the Wise Man. Introducing the history of Rome are the Story of Cincinnatus, Horatius at the Bridge, and Julius Caesar. The stories of William Tell, Arnold Winkelried, and Robin Hood impart a bit of the flavor of the Middle Ages. Rounding out the collection are a number of timeless tales that show heroes in action: Damon and Pythias, The Sword of Damocles, Picciola, and The King and His Hawk. Children naturally take a deep interest in such stories. The reading of them will not only give pleasure but will help to lay the foundation for broader literary studies since nearly all are the subjects of frequent allusions in poetry and prose. Young children will enjoy having these stories read to them, while older children will delight in reading them to themselves.


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1st - 4th
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  • 1 King Alfred and the Cakes
  • 2 King Alfred and the Bigger
  • 3 King Canute on the Seashore
  • 4 The Sons of William the Conquerer
  • 5 The White Ship
  • 6 King John and the Abbot
  • 7 A Story of Robin Hood
  • 8 Bruce and the Spider
  • 9 The Black Douglas
  • 10 Three Men of Gotham
  • 11 Other Wise Men of Gotham
  • 12 The Miller of the Dee
  • 13 Sir Philip Sidney
  • 14 The Ungrateful Soldier
  • 15 Sir Humphrey Gilbert
  • 16 Sir Walter Raleigh
  • 17 Pocahontas
  • 18 George Washington and His Hatchet
  • 19 Grace Darling
  • 20 The Story of William Tell
  • 21 Arnold Winklereid
  • 22 The Bell of Atri
  • 23 How Napoleon Crossed the Alps
  • 24 The Story of Cincinnatus
  • 25 The Story of Regulus
  • 26 Cornelia's Jewels
  • 27 Androclus and the Lion
  • 28 Horatius at the Bridge
  • 29 Julius Caesar
  • 30 The Sword of Damocles
  • 31 Damon and Pythias
  • 32 A Laconic Answer
  • 33 The Ungrateful Guest
  • 34 Alexander and Bucephalus
  • 35 Diogenes the Wise Man
  • 36 The Brave Three Hundred
  • 37 Socrates and His House
  • 38 The King and His Hawk
  • 39 Doctor Goldsmith
  • 40 The Kingdoms
  • 41 The Barmecide Feast
  • 42 The Endless Tale
  • 43 The Blind Men and the Elephant
  • 44 Maximilian and the Goose Boy
  • 45 The Inchcape Rock
  • 46 Whittengton and His Cat
  • 47 Casabianca
  • 48 Antonia Canova
  • 49 Picciola
  • 50 Mignon

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