God's Design for the Physical World--Heat and Energy

by Richard and Debbie Lawrence Author

The biblically based "Gods Design for the Physical World" series was designed by homeschoolers for homeschoolers! Heat & Energy explores various forms of energy, thermal energy, electricity, magnetism, waves & sound, light, while teaching about fossil fuels, nuclear power, the sun, and more! Designed for grades 3-8, full-color photos, diagrams, illustrations, special features and fun facts take the tediousness out of science, while key concepts are continually reinforced and explored through chapter review and activities. Color-coded by age group, chapter reviews are separated for 3rd-5th grade and 6th-8th grade students to quickly find their assignments. This easy-to-use curriculum is ideal for anyone who wants to teach earth & space science from a God-centered, creationist point of view. This is one student book of three in the "Gods Design for the Physical World" Series; each contains 35 lessons with one final project to merge all the lessons together. At the pace of 3 lessons a week (approximately 30-45 minutes each), you can cover the 3-book series (other books sold separately) within a year. 128 partially reproducible pages, softcover with glossary and index. Grades 3-8. NKJV Scripture used.

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Suggested Grades
5th - 8th
R & D Educational Center


  • 1 Forms of Energy
  • 2 Mechanical Energy
  • 3 Chemical Energy
  • 4 Nuclear Energy
  • 5 Nuclear Weapons; The Manhattan Project; Quiz
  • 6 Thermal Energy; Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • 7 Conduction
  • 8 Convection
  • 9 Radiation
  • 10 Solar and Geothermal Energy; Quiz
  • 11 Electricity
  • 12 Conducting and Detecting Charge
  • 13 Lightning
  • 14 Current; Michael Faraday
  • 15 Voldage and Power
  • 16 Serial and Parallel Circuits; Quiz
  • 17 Magnetic Fields
  • 18 Magnetic Materials
  • 19 The Earth's Magnetic Field
  • 20 Electromagnetism; Joseph Henry
  • 21 Generators and Motors; Quiz
  • 22 Waves
  • 23 Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • 24 Sound Waves
  • 25 Characteristics of Sound
  • 26 Sound Effects
  • 27 Musical Instruments; Johann Sebastian Bach
  • 28 Light
  • 29 Color
  • 30 Reflection
  • 31 Mirrors
  • 32 Refraction
  • 33 Lenses; Eyes and Eyeglasses; quiz
  • 34 Using Energy; Project
  • 35 Conclusion; Final Test

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